Finally Frigid

10.20.2011I knew that it wasn’t going to stay nice outside forever, but today was just plain miserable. First of all, it was windy. Which I normally don’t mind, but since it was cold the breeze instantly made your face windblown. Plus, it was raining, so the rain would pelt you in the face. This made it worse, too, because every time I would open my umbrella, the wind would blow it inside out. Sometimes, I just wish that the weather would make up its mind and either be consistently cold or consistently warm. Also, can’t it gradually change so that we can get used of it? I mean, I have lived in Ohio my whole life and should probably be acclimated to our crazy weather already, but today definitely snuck up on me! The only plus side of this weather? I got to wear my adorable rain boots, and I always enjoy seeing everyone else’s cute boots too!