Finger Food Friday!

01.16.2012Last night, we had some family friends over for a get together. We decided to make it fun and have only finger foods for dinner. We made taco dip, pepperoni dip, veggies and dip, hanky pankies, little hot dogs, and then ordered wings from BW3s. Everything was delicious! Then, we played a few rounds of Scategories, which is one of my favorite games, and talked a lot about everything going on in our lives. After playing the game, we had dessert, which continued with the “finger food” theme. I had made cake balls and Scotcheroos, and we had bought mini ├ęclairs from the grocery store. It was such a fun evening filled with good food, great games, and interesting conversations. I enjoyed reminiscing about some of the times we’ve shared as well as talking about plans for the future.