Finishing up with Finals


I still canÂ’t believe that itÂ’s the end of the semester and time to take finals. I feel like I just started these classes, and itÂ’s hard to think that my first semester as a freshman at UD is over. So far, finals have not been as bad as I thought they would. My difficult ones were earlier this week: Math, Biology, and History. But they werenÂ’t that bad.

Actually, finals week has been easier than a regular school week. IÂ’ve been able to sleep in, thereÂ’s no homework (other than studying), and you donÂ’t have class/finals every day. For instance, Monday and Tuesday I had finals, but today and tomorrow IÂ’m off, and then on Friday I only have my Religion final.

Also, you have the option to get free food and massages, and study spaces are open much longer. The only bummer about that for me, is that most of this doesnÂ’t start until about midnight, and I donÂ’t like to be up very late whenever I have exams, so I havenÂ’t been able to take advantage of most of these opportunities. But, still, itÂ’s nice to know that they take care of you during finals week.

I can’t wait ‘til I take my very last exam on Friday and get to go home. I need Christmas break!