First Chapter-AKPsi

02.29.2012Tonight was my very first chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi-the professional business fraternity. And I have to say, it was not nearly as overwhelming as EDU...thank goodness because otherwise I am not sure that I would be able to pledge both at once! In chapter, we received our manuals for the fraternity, which we take notes in and then study for our weekly quizzes. Today we talked about the opportunities that the fraternity provides as well as its values, which makes me glad that I am pledging because I agree with all of the values. We also introduced ourselves and are starting to get to know each other, since we’ll be spending some time with one another the next few weeks. That was it! They decided to only give us one little piece at a time so that we would not become overwhelmed, so eventually there will be more to come. But as of now, I just have to worry about studying for my quizzes and getting to know my fellow pledge class!