Getting Lost in "LOST"


So “LOST” is one of my favorite TV shows and the final season was about two years ago. However, since I was working, I had never had the chance to watch it—until now.

My parents bought me the final season for Christmas, so we have been spending time together watching it—all five disks and thirteen hours worth. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this series, but it is highly addictive and I strongly recommend it to others. I’m not going to give anything away, because I always hate when people do that, but I am going to say that I really enjoyed watching it.

The series finale was a wonderful way to end the series, even though a lot of the things I had predicted in earlier seasons. Honestly, in my opinion, there was no other way for the writers to end the show. The writers of “LOST” are amazing. I have become attached to almost every character and you feel like you are on the adventure with them. It is realistic and the writers pay very careful attention to detail.

“LOST” is unlike any other television show I have ever seen. It is filled with new ideas, the characters are relatable, even though some parts are ridiculous they still seem to be realistic, and the special effects are terrific. So, if you have time, I would recommend watching the reruns on TV or renting the series. But, I warn you that it is unlike anything you have ever seen. It will change your way of thinking, you will become addicted, and you will become lost.