Good times, great people


So, if you read yesterdayÂ’s blog, you know about my whole plan for my roommateÂ’s birthday. It ended up turning out really well! We told her that we were going to drive her to Panera, since it was cold, but obviously when we made a different turn she became suspicious. We tried to keep up the act, by telling her that we were going to a different location, but she knew we had something else up our sleeves.<p>

We finally arrived at the Dayton Mall, and found a parking spot near the Rusty Bucket. It was all of our first times eating here, and my, it was delicious! Honestly, it was one of the best cheeseburgers I have ever had. After filling our stomachs and going on and on about yummy our food was, we headed into the mall. Obviously, on a college kidÂ’s budget, we just window shopped and wished that we had the money to buy new clothes. But it was fun nonetheless.<p>

When we returned to the dorms, some friends of mine and me put the candles on the cake and walked into my room, where my roommate was. We walked in singing “Happy Birthday” which was fun, because it reminded me of all the movies where you see people walking around with a lit cake while singing (though you shouldn’t light the candles when you’re in a dorm). I don’t think my roommate was expecting the cake, and I’m glad that the surprises worked. After cutting and eating the cake, I gave her my present and the card we had made her, and the traditional birthday festivities were complete! My roommate looked really happy and everything was completely worth it! Hope you had a great birthday, roomie! :)