Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever


This past weekend I went back home to a small place around Cleveland. Normally, I wouldnÂ’t go home after only being at school for two weeks, but this time there were a couple big occasions I just couldnÂ’t miss.

First of all, my dad had just got back from a week and a half trip to China. Big deal, right? My family planned a nice dinner to a place called “Lockkeepers” so that my dad could discuss everything about his trip. It was really interesting to hear about all of the new experiences—the culture, food, architecture, and it was nice being with family again. When we got back to our house, he showed us some of his pictures. We got through about 200, but tired out and decided to go to sleep. I was glad that he took a lot of pictures because China is such an interesting place.

Then, Saturday night was my cousinÂ’s going away party. SheÂ’s moving to California, which is where she has always wanted to live so IÂ’m really happy for her. Its strange how quickly a family grows up. It seems like it all happens at once, especially in my family. In the past three years, three of my cousins got married, two of them now have their first child, and now another one is recently engaged. It all moves so fast, but itÂ’s very exciting!

Anyways, itÂ’s still hard to believe that she is moving. She was always the life of our family parties and they wonÂ’t be the same without her. Fortunately, sheÂ’s planning on visiting quite a bit, especially for the upcoming wedding which will be nice, since the whole family will be reunited once again. I wish her the best of luck and all of the happiness she deserves.