Gospel Mission

05.01.2012This afternoon my AKPSI pledge class went to the Gospel Mission after school program in order to do our service project. We decided to tie-dye T-shirts with the children who ranged in age from 5 to eighth grade. Thus, we figured it would be a good idea and is suitable for all ages. After tie-dying, the kids broke off into groups depending on the activity they wanted to do: kickball, freeze tag, catch, etc. Most of the guys in my pledge class were involved with the kickball game, while the girls mostly played with the younger children in their game of freeze tag or we helped clean up from the tie-dye. After cleaning up all activities, we all played a large game of dodge ball. Apparently this is a tradition at Gospel Mission. I was a little nervous, as this was my very first time playing dodge ball and I am not a very athletic person. They decided to have us play UD students vs. the Gospel Mission kids, which was actually pretty intimidating. Since those kids play every week, they were really good and some of the boys were especially strong for their young age. Whenever they would throw the ball it would make a loud whack against the wall, which pretty much made me avoid those people, because it sounded like it would hurt if you were hit by them. We lost both games, but I have to say that this experience definitely brought us together as a pledge class and now we all know each other much better than we did before. Nothing like a game of dodge ball to unify a group!