Gym Etiquette

10.04.2011As strange as it may seem, there is an etiquette that should be followed when working out at the gym. 1. Don’t spend more than an hour on a cardio machine. There are other people waiting for the machine and, let’s face it, you don’t work out as well when you do more than an hour. 2. No matter how weak a person may appear, always assume that the 20 pound weight next to them is theirs. 3. Based off of the previous statement, always ask if someone is done using the equipment around them. This includes mats, benches, medicine balls, etc. 4. Always spray down your area and equipment. No one wants to bask in your sweat. If you can’t find a spray bottle of sanitizer...keep looking. 5. Please wear normal gym attire. We can tell who’s actually working out and who’s not. (I’m talking to you girls who come in groups of five or more with hoop earrings, freshly done makeup, and straightened hair). 6. If you are walking on the track, try to stick to one lane so that you don’t disrupt the people who are running. 7. To those of you who do run, please don't spit on the track. We're indoors, and that's just gross. 8. Put back all of your equipment when you are done. It is always a bummer when you can’t find the weight you need because it is in some random spot. 9. When leaving, check behind you so that you don’t slam the gate into someone. Hold it open for them. Don’t worry if you can’t remember all of these, if you’re new to the gym environment, you will learn them soon enough!