Happy Heart, Happy Self


Tonight was our very last chapter for Alpha Kappa Psi. Our president was robbed last weekend, so our pledge class decided to donate and collect money in order to help him out. After chapter, we went up and presented him with the envelope of cash. It wasn’t much and I wish that we could have given him a lot more as he is an amazing person, but he was very appreciative and hugged each of us as a thank you.

It makes my heart so happy to have been able to do that for him and to know that other people in my pledge class were so supportive. I wanted to show him that our brotherhood is strong and that we are always willing to help one another out, no matter what happens. After all, that is what a brotherhood is all about.

Also during this chapter I found out that I will be the committee chair for recruitment which I am so excited about because I will get to help out with the new pledges! I cannot wait for next year, and if you have any interest in joining—I will be there!