Happy Thanksgiving!

12.01.2011Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday with your family and friends. I have to say that my Thanksgiving was especially nice this year. Normally, some of my family members are in a rush because they have a few houses to go to. But, this year, it all seemed to come and go in shifts. We always go to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving, and this year only some of my family members were able to come early enough for the meal (which was delicious as always). After eating, I caught up with my one cousin who had moved to California last January. It was great to see her and hear all about her new job—Assistant Designer on the show Extreme Home Makeover! I’m extremely proud of her, as this has been her dream job and major goal in life and she has worked hard to accomplish it. I also was able to see my one baby cousin, who is almost 2 years old (still can’t believe how big she’s getting!) Later on, more of my family arrived and we all sat around talking and eating and we even had the time to play some games. Everyone ended up staying much later than we usually do, and everything felt right. It was a great Thanksgiving.