I'm Done?!


I lucked out this year and almost all of my finals fell on Monday or are online, so I’m done for the year. I find this so hard to believe and it felt so unreal packing up all of my things this past weekend. It seems like just yesterday when I started my Sophomore year and now I’m half way done with college, which seems a little scary!

I have to say though, that it is so nice to be done with classes and know that I do not have to do anymore homework (until I start my summer classes, but we won’t talk about that yet). However, I have to keep telling myself that I am not on summer break yet, even though I’m home, because I still have an online final to do that is due on Friday. So, I better not forget about that one!

My plans for summer? Well:
1. My family, family friends, and I are going to South Carolina for vacation.
2. Look into jobs/babysitting
3. Read all of the books that I’ve been wanting to, especially “The Hunger Games” series
4. Get in further shape and join a gym to keep it up!
5. Donate and sell all of the things that I don’t use anymore
6. Scrapbook my college experiences :)
7. Enjoy being home!

I hope all of you have safe travels home and wonderful summer experiences! Enjoy yourselves!