I'm Thankful for Thanksgiving!


Obviously, today was Thanksgiving and I was definitely looking forward to seeing my family. We always have Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncleÂ’s house, and they set up one huge table, since my family is fairly large. I always liked this set up, because you are able to see everyone and talk to anyone. I was so happy to be back home! As much as I love it at UD, you need to hear your uncleÂ’s stupid jokes and comments every once in a while, and hear the laughter of your family coming together, and be updated on every single one of your cousinÂ’s lives.<p>

Nowadays everything seems to be moving at such a fast pace, and for some reason it all slowed down on Thanksgiving. No one had to be anywhere or do anything, just talk and relax, and eat! I have to say, I have definitely missed the home cooking! My whole family chipped in by bringing some type of side dish to the main course that my aunt would be preparing. My mom and I always make the pumpkin pies, but IÂ’m sad to say that by the time I got home, they were already done, but delicious nonetheless.<p>

Afterwards, I caught up with my cousins and played with the babies, who I have missed very much. I still canÂ’t believe how big they are getting! It was a nice holiday and IÂ’m lucky to have such a wonderful family to share it with.