It's a Celebration!


This Sunday is my roommateÂ’s birthday and IÂ’ve been planning it for quite some time now. I love planning things, and this is one of the first times when I got to plan a birthday party. As her roommate, I obviously had to make it something good.<p>

My friend would be coming in this afternoon, so we would have transportation—I knew this for a while, so I started looking at fun places that we could go that are off campus. I ended up deciding on going to the Dayton Mall, and we would eat at the Rusty Bucket first.<p>

I had to be very sneaky while planning, because I obviously wanted it to be a surprise and itÂ’s hard to be able to plan things when you are almost always in the same room. My friend called this past Wednesday to firm up our plans. It was going to be the perfect timing because my roommate has class until 5:45 that day, and I was out at 4 oÂ’clock. Plenty of time for planning-right? Well, to my surprise, it just so happened that her class was cancelled for the day...terrific.<p>

I had to talk to my friend about our weekend celebration plans, so I had to be blunt. I simply said, “Can you leave the room? I need to talk about you. It’s nothing bad...promise.” Smooth, I know. Once she left, my friend and I firmed up all of our plans. I spent all of today cleaning and printing out the directions. Earlier this week I made some posters to hang up, and wrapped her present. (Note: When you are trying to be sneaky and surprise people with posters, make sure you lock the door. That way, when you hear them coming back to the room, you don’t have to sprint to the door, tripping over a box on the way, and shoving all the signs under the bed.)<p>

When my friend came, we were off to go get the cake from a local bakery. It smelled so good inside, and there were so many cakes to choose from. I looked around for the perfect cake, being cute and a flavor that everyone would hopefully like. Then I saw it. It was a rectangular cake with white frosting and multicolored polka dots. It also had a little bit of ribbon tied around the base, and a cute little bow on the top of it. The flavor? Chocolate. It was perfect, and I didnÂ’t care if the price was over my budget, it was adorable and we needed it to celebrate her birthday.<p>

Everything was going exactly to my plan. Present? Check. Decorations? Check. Cake? Check. AND I was actually running on time for once. It was about 5:15 and we were going to be leaving for dinner around 5:45. Perfect.<p>

When I came back, I dropped off the cake in my neighbors room, then headed back to mine. To my surprise, I found my roommate getting ready to go somewhere, so naturally I asked her what she was doing. Her response: “Going to Panera with some friends.” Ohh snap! Freakout moment! This was NOT part of the plan! I ran next door to my neighbor’s to try to figure out some sort of another plan. Got it! We'll tell her that we're going to drive her to Panera and then take it from there. I'll let you know how everything went, tomorrow!