It's a Long Day to Home

09.23.2011For some reason, I’ve been quite homesick this year. It may be the fact that there isn’t as much excitement as there was freshman year. Or the fact that I spent a lot of time over the summer with my family, whereas the previous summer I was trying to see everybody before they went off to school. Anyways, since I’ve been missing the home life, I decided to go home for the weekend. But it would be a while before I got there. First of all, Fridays are always kind of a bummer because I end my first class at 9:50 in the morning, but then I have to go to my observation from 3-6. Considering that Cleveland is about a three to three and a half hour drive, I wouldn’t be getting back until around 9:30 (and that would be if I left at exactly 6, which obviously wouldn’t happen). After my observation let out, I went to dinner with one of my friends and then left straight from the dining hall to my car. Alright, I was actually making pretty good time. But, I had to get gas before I started driving too far. The first gas station I went to, didn’t like my credit card, and I didn’t really like the set up, so I decided that I would just get on the highway and get off again when I felt the need to get more gas. I had half a tank, so I wouldn’t make it home without filling up, but I didn’t need to fill up much. The second gas station I went to was out of gas, but there were no sign which was irritating because I tried to pump it, and simply nothing came out. But, the third gas station was a winner. Except by now, my GPS was saying I’d be home a whole hour later than what was originally expected. Darn. However, the drive wasn’t too bad as long as I had my music on. I like driving; it’s just difficult when you really want to get somewhere. But I got there and I was greeted by my parents and my dog that basically attacked me with excitement. Ahhh, it was good to be back in my house, with my couch, and my bed, and my mom’s cooking.