It's Been a Month Already?!


I canÂ’t believe that break is already coming to an end and that tomorrow I will have to pack everything up again. Honestly, it is definitely bittersweet this time around and IÂ’m a little nervous about returning to UD, but at the same time IÂ’m excited. I am surprised that break has gone by so fast, because I really havenÂ’t been all that busy.

I had a really enjoyable and relaxing break, mostly spending time with family and some old friends. Yesterday I met with my roommate for lunch and we caught up about what we have been up to over break and how weÂ’re excited to go back. Then, this morning I babysat my little cousin, who is 10 months old. It was exhausting, but a lot of fun and it makes it easier that she is adorable! After babysitting for 8 whole hours, my family and I went to a family friendÂ’s house for pizza. We had a nice visit talking and hanging out.

As much as I would like to spend my last day home relaxing, I know that I am going to be busy tomorrow. I haven’t done any packing yet, so that will be most of my day. I also have some errands to run, and little things to do—like updating my weekend playlists (a very important thing at college). In addition, I am going to try to enjoy as much food as I can before I go back to dorm life. I mean, our food at school is good, but nothing is as good as my mom’s and a fully stocked pantry. I’m definitely going to miss that.

ItÂ’s weird because I feel like I am going to be homesick for my first time after this break. I wouldÂ’ve thought that this would have happened whenever I first moved in, but instead I think it happens later in the year. I know that IÂ’ll be okay back at school, and I have missed all of my UD friends and the social aspects so IÂ’m looking forward to returning to that. But, at the same time, IÂ’m really going to miss home cooking, being pampered, spending time with my family, and snuggling with my puppy.

I canÂ’t win. When IÂ’m home, I love being home but I miss certain things that are only at school. And when IÂ’m at school, I love being there, but there are some things that I miss from being at home. Even though I canÂ’t win with this situation, I am very fortunate that I love both places so much. ItÂ’s like I have two homes. And before I know it, this semester will be over and I wonÂ’t be able to believe it.