Fast Paced Week


This week was absolute craziness! Here’s a basic sketch of what my life looks like at this moment:

I was sick last week, so I had to make up a presentation for my Florence study abroad class as well as an exam about integrated units.  Then, I had a planning meeting for pledge education as well as an exec board meeting.  I also had to shadow some trainers in order to gain more experience.

On Tuesday night, we celebrated my roommate’s 21st birthday, because we didn’t have class the next day. Wednesday was Stander, so we had the day off—Yay! However, many of my groups decided to hold meetings.  I had a pledge planning meeting in the morning, followed by going to my placement to make up hours, an officer’s meeting at night, and then my pledge meeting later that night.

Then, Thursday I went to Gospel Mission in order to do a service project with some of my brothers from my professional business fraternity—we played with the children there and got our butts kicked in dodge ball! That night, I had to administer our fraternal exam to our incoming pledges-every single one of them passed and we were some very happy pledge educators!!

Finally, it’s Friday, but unfortunately I have to go home for a wake.  Then, I have to hurry back to campus because tomorrow morning we have our initiation ceremony for my fraternity.

Phew! What a week!


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