Labor Day in the City of Steel

09.11.2011This past weekend, my roommates and I went to Pittsburgh, because my one roommate is from there. We decided to go because it was a long weekend and her family would be celebrating her dad and niece’s birthdays. I was very excited about meeting all of them, because I’ve heard a lot about them. We left on Saturday morning at about 8:45 and ended up getting in to Pittsburgh around 1, which wasn’t too bad. We were lucky and didn’t hit all that much traffic until we reached the city. As soon as we got settled in her house and met her family, we got ready to go to tea for her niece’s first birthday party. Tea was a lot of fun and it was held at a really cute old house. The food was delicious and included a variety of finger sandwiches, scones, fresh fruit, and pastries. There were also a variety of teas that came in cute little tea pots with matching teacups. It was just us girls that went, including her great aunt, mom, sister, and two of her sister’s friends. After tea was finished, we hung out at her house for a while and then went to an outdoor mall to walk around and see a movie. Before seeing “The Help” we sat down and ate some delicious gelato. After enjoying the movie, we decided to get some substantial food and went to Eatin Park. That was day one.