Lady Killers!

09.29.2011Tonight some friends and I headed over to Canal Street Tavern to see the Lady Killer tour! The Lady Killers consisted of the bands, Vanity Theft, Sick of Sarah, and Hunter Valentine. We went, because my roommate’s sister is the lead singer in Vanity Theft. After a pretty long Friday, we left around 8:30 because we didn’t want to miss any of the opening shows. I was glad that we got there early because the tiny bar was packed! There was a line to get in, and we all had to be ID’d as well as have X’s put on our hands so that everyone in the bar knew that we were underage. Thank goodness her parents had arrived at the bar earlier than us, because they saved us a seat which was nice. The first band to go on was Hunter Valentine. They consisted of three girls in their band that had more of a punk-rock style. They were also Canadian so the singer had a really cool voice, that was actually borderline scream-o...but in a good way. Then, Sick of Sarah came on stage. This band was made up of 6 girls, whose styles varied immensely. Some were really punk and others were preppy. But they gave a great performance and the lead singer had a ton of energy! She often would stand on top of the one drum and sing up there, which was pretty awesome! The last band to perform was Vanity Theft, which is actually very well known in Dayton—hence why it was so packed in that tiny bar! I’ve seen them perform a few times before and they always give a great performance full of angst and energy. I’m finally starting to know some of the words to their songs! We stood by the stage and danced for almost the entire concert. Afterwards, we got to meet some of the other band’s members, since as of now they had all been staying at my roommate’s house—all 14 of them! All in all, it was a great night of music and fun! I’m sure my feet and X's will keep the memory living tomorrow! If you want to check out any of these bands, I strongly suggest you YouTube them!