Last Lazy Day

01.16.2012Today I had a lazy day before I would have to go back to school. My family and I watched a few movies and munched on some snacks. And it was a nice leisurely day...until I realized I had to pack. Packing is probably one thing that I do not enjoy about college. I don’t like deciding whether or not to live out of a suitcase for a month or unpacking everything and then having to repack everything. The thing I hate packing most is clothes. At college, you kind of need a little bit of everything: you need clothes that you can wear to an interview, clothes you wear to class, clothes to lounge around in, and clothes to go to parties in. That’s a lot of clothes! Then you have to throw in everything that you need more of, since a whole semester is already finished: toothpaste? Shampoo? Soap? Toilet paper? Etc. At least my mom and dad usually help me pack, so everything goes by a little quicker and more smoothly. And, we divided packing and movie watching which worked out for whenever I needed a break. Then, tomorrow, I am off to school!