Lazy Labor Day

10.20.2010So, I wasnÂ’t planning on going home anytime soon, but since my parents offered, I decided to take them up on it. It was really an impulse decision. See, I live 3.5 hours away, near Cleveland. However, my parents were moving my brother into his new apartment, which is in Cincinnati (45 minutes from UD). Originally, we were only meeting for lunch, and I was going to show them around campus. But, what ended up happening was me going home with them.

It’s funny, because I thought that I’d be so relieved to be back home, even though it has only been about two weeks, and I hadn’t missed home all that much yet. But, I actually ended up missing UD instead. Don’t get me wrong—I loved being home. My own bed, a quiet room, my own bathroom and space. It was great. And I have to say, I definitely missed my mom’s cooking and snuggling with my dog. But, even after two weeks you get used of creating your own life at UD. I was used of my own routine and knocking on my neighbor’s door every day to see if they wanted to grab dinner somewhere or watch a movie. And let’s not with another person that you end up sharing inside jokes with and talking to every day and every night (if you’re lucky, like I was).

I was so used of being independent already and living on my own. I never realized how often I would take my mom cooking dinner for granted. Or being waited on by my parents when I wanted something. It was nice, and I couldnÂ’t believe that I had already forgotten what it had felt like to not have to lift a finger, or worry about what to eat that day. But, it is also really nice to be able to say that you have been able to do all of those things by yourself in order to make your own living. ItÂ’s almost like IÂ’m living two lives now. I have my home life and my school life, my home away from home.