Let's Go Browns!


Even though the Browns aren’t that great of a football team, I still support them, especially since I’m from Cleveland. This was my very first Browns game that I’ve been to, and it was against our biggest rivals—the Steelers.

I went to the game with my brother, my cousin, and my cousin’s boyfriend. We went downtown around 10 am for some tailgating. This was also my first time tailgating and it was a lot of fun! Everyone was very into being spirited and supportive of the Browns. People had their cars set up with different foods, games, and music. There were also huge buses decked out with Browns colors and memorabilia. Everyone was friendly and there were a lot of high fives shared and invites to join games, like corn hole. Well, they were friendly if you were a Browns fan. If you were a Steelers fan—well, they weren’t that nice.

Around 1 oÂ’clock we headed to the stadium to get to our seats and watch the game. This is when my brother and I split apart from my cousins. We were in section 527, so we had a lot of walking to do. Our seats werenÂ’t too bad, but they were definitely really high up in the nosebleed section.

Now, I don’t necessarily understand the whole “rivalry” thing, but it was definitely interesting to hear all of the smack talking and other comments taking place. What I liked was that Browns fans would stick together. If one person started smack talking, others would join in and support them.

At half time we met up with my cousin and her boyfriend and they surprised us by switching tickets with us. They said that we might enjoy ourselves a little more. So, after arguing that they should keep their tickets (and losing) we ended up making our way to what would be our new seats. We headed to the section 135, and walked up some stairs to find our row. But we realized that our row was actually down below. We kept walking to find our row, and as we did, we were getting closer and closer to the field. Row 6. ThatÂ’s where we would be for the rest of the game. You could actually see the players and plays without having to look at the screen! It was unbelievable! We were both in shock whenever we first sat down, and I took a ton of pictures, because you actually could!

In the end we lost horribly. IÂ’m not even going to say the score, because honestly itÂ’s a little embarrassing. But, I really didnÂ’t mind because it was a great experience, especially for my first Browns game. I got to go tailgating, spend time with my brother, and sit in awesome seats for half of the game. Yes, it was freezing and we lost, but I still had a wonderful time. And even though our team isnÂ’t that great, I will always be a Browns fan. GO BROWNS!