Lucky Lottery

04.01.2012Today was the housing lottery for Juniors. A.K.A major stress out day. Yesterday we had found out that our group’s number was 74, which we did not think was the greatest, so we were really worried that we would not get the Caldwell apartments that we really wanted. Caldwell apartments are going to be brand new and we just loved the idea of having everything be new and never used, like our kitchen appliances. In addition, it has two full bathrooms, a washer and dryer, and a dishwasher—all major pluses. So, as we all sat together at 5:50 (our lottery time), we were anxious. As group leader, my hands were shaking as I scrolled through all of our options for housing. And then I saw it...CW yes! There were still some Caldwell apartments available! Next year we will be living there and enjoying all the space and perks of being upperclassmen. I cannot wait to have our own kitchen and laundry room! Caldwell here we come! But for now, we're off to Chipotle to celebrate!