Make me up!


Today we had a Mary Kay makeup party, which was a lot of fun! My one friendÂ’s aunt is a Mary Kay representative and she offered to throw us the make-up party, so that we could take a break from our busy schedules and have some girl time.<p>

It was sooo much fun! We got to try a lot of their products out, which I really liked (Satin Lips was one of my favorites!) It was such a nice break from our regular routines, because we got to pamper ourselves and de-stress our bodies and minds, which is difficult to find time for when youÂ’re at school.<p>

Also, girl time is really important, because as much as you are with each other, youÂ’re not at the same time, which is weird. Overall, I had a great, relaxing time and I canÂ’t wait until we have another one!