Man, I Love Thursdays!

10.20.2010Every Thursday my roommate and I decided to have a “roommate night.” Basically, we lock our door and spend the night having girl talk and eating delicious snacks. Tonight, however, is especially special because it’s the season premiere of The Office, which we both absolutely love. It’s funny, because instead of looking forward to Fridays, I have found myself looking forward to Thursdays instead. It helps a lot when you have something to look forward to. My classes seemed to fly by today and I was extremely productive with finishing homework, so that we could have our “roomie night” without me having to stress about getting things done. It’s awesome, because I only have one class on Fridays and my roommate doesn’t have any, so it works out perfectly with us chillin’ on Thursdays.

I really love our “roommate nights” and would strongly recommend that if it’s possible, you try it. Personally, I really enjoy having heart-to-heart conversations and you can really find out a lot about who you are living with. So many interesting facts get shared! Plus, who doesn’t like one night a week when you just munch on snacks and watch your favorite TV shows?