March to Take Down the Musketeers!

01.23.2012This morning, myself and the other members of Red Scare woke up earlier for a Saturday and marched in the frigid weather all the way to the UD Arena. It was a long walk and I’m pretty sure my toes were frozen to the bone when we finally reached the arena, but it was well worth it. Today is the day that we took down our rivals, Xavier. I cannot even explain how much school spirit is on campus, especially in Red Scare (our school spirit organization). In the freezing cold weather, there were men wearing shorts and no shirt, except for body paint. There were some people whose whole entire body was covered in blue or red paint, including their face. Others wore blue tuxedos or wigs and all sorts of costumes. The arena was packed. I think they said that we sold close to 13,500 tickets and the game was sold out. Yeah, it was a big deal. My group, unfortunately, did not have one of the highest point averages so our seats were somewhere in the 400 section, which aren’t great but we still had a great time. (Our goal is to definitely get into the student section next year though!) On every seat, you were given a Dayton Flyers towel which you could wave around during the game for more cheering. And cheering there was! We had an awesome game and owned the Musketeers. The game was filled with amazing 3 point shots and great defense. At halftime, they had a basketball-juggler do the show. It was very impressive and hard to believe that he could balance everything so well. Overall, the game was amazing and I am so glad that I went. I overheard someone say, “I’m so glad I went to this game, because now I kind of feel like a better person.” And I would have to agree. Helping cheer on your classmates and take pride in your school is a wonderful feeling. After the game was especially fun because everyone was so pumped about our big win...I feel like it brought everyone a little closer together. Go Flyers!!