Move-In Day All Over Again!

01.16.2012Today my parents and I left around 7:30am to drive down to Dayton so that I could move in. I made a very easy room change at the end of last semester and was approved, so I moved in to an all new room today! First, let me say that UD makes it painless for you if you want to switch rooms. All you have to do is fill out some paperwork and have a meeting with the resident coordinator and then you are pretty much set to go! I didn’t even have to contact anyone; because at the end of the semester they send out an email to every student explaining what will be needed if you would like to change rooms. Easy! What wasn’t so easy was the fact that I needed to rearrange all of my things (that’s why my parents came), I would need a lot of help! Luckily, I made a room switch with friends, so I was able to move a lot of my things into their room before break, which was a MAJOR plus! However, I packed everything kind of sloppy and had stuff scattered throughout their room, so I had a mess to deal with. But, my parents are really helpful with organizing things and getting me on track! It took a while, but now I have a homey new room and everything has its own little place! After we tackled the job, we went to dinner at the Rusty Bucket and then I said my goodbyes, which are always a little difficult because my parents and I are really close. Then, my one roommate and I had some quality bonding time together, since we were the only two moved in to the room. We talked A LOT about our breaks and everything that has been going on and then we watched a movie. It was a busy day, but I’m excited for this new semester to begin! But, for now I am off to bed, because I am exhausted!