My First Concert at UD


Tonight, I went to my first concert, and I have to say it was nothing near what I thought my first concert would be. I thought my first concert at UD would be a rapper or pop artist, but instead I saw a pianist named Phyllis Chen. Naturally, being a Thursday, we made this our “roommate Thursday” event.<p>

It. Was. Amazing. First of all, it wasnÂ’t the usual piano playing. During the show, she used both a toy piano and a regular piano. The toy piano sounded cool, and she hooked it up to a sound system that added more electronic effects to her piano playing. In addition to the electronic effects, she also incorporated everyday household objects, such as metal bowls, dreidels, a teapot, a toy boom box, a music box, a tape player, and many other gadgets.<p>

Honestly, I canÂ’t even tell you what my favorite part of the performance was. Phyllis Chen was so versatile with her way of playing the pianos, that every song she played was unique and entertaining. One thing I thought was cool, was she would play the regular sized piano, and then plucks the strings from the top of it. I didnÂ’t even know that was possible and it sounded so awesome!<p>

Another thing she did, that I thought was interesting, was she played us a song, and while she played it, she recorded it on her tape player. Then, after she was finished, she played it back through a small sound system that was in her porcelain teapot! She would move the lid on and off to change the dynamics and it was astounding.<p>

Overall, I’m really glad that I went to Phyllis Chen’s performance. I absolutely love music, and a lot of her performances literally gave me goose bumps—it was that good. Even though it wasn’t my idea of what my first concert on campus would be like, I really enjoyed it, and I think that it’s important to go and see things that you normally wouldn’t. I learned a lot about how inventive the world of music can be, and that the options for creating music are limitless.