Oh How I've Missed Yoga

09.23.2011Last year my one friend and I went to yoga three times a week, every week. I really enjoyed it because it would start off at a beginner level and then progress to an advanced level towards the end of the week. This year, however, has been much busier now that we are sophomores. But, we have been able to attend the Wednesday night classes as it fits into both of our schedules. And I have to say, it’s good to be back! Since there is often a lot of stress that comes with college, whether it’s being away from home, schoolwork, or living situations, yoga is a great activity to help you unwind. The one instructor has themed classes this year, which is quite different from last year. For example, the first class that I attended focused on relaxation. This meant that we did slower poses, more relaxed breathing, and during the final relaxation we were given lavender oil to rub on our temples. It was amazing and I felt so great after I went! Another thing that is different this year with yoga classes is the fact that there are many more than there were last year! This is nice because each class isn’t all that crowded so you have more space to sprawl out. I would strongly recommend that you give yoga a try at least once. It has many benefits besides relaxation, such as improving flexibility and strength, helping your core muscles to stabilize your body, lowering blood pressure, and many others. So, next time the RecPlex has free fitness class week...you know where to go! I’m hoping to go back to my three times per week schedule!