Opening Ceremonies

02.15.2012Today at 4 I had my opening ceremony for EDU, which was supposed to be a candle lighting, but we couldn’t have candles due to the policies of VWK. Nonetheless, it was still a nice ceremony and we received our little apple pins that we have to wear as a pledge. Then, I had my opening ceremony for AKPsi, which was more formal, as the Exec board was wearing robes and it was a more formal setting. We also got pinned during this event which made me feel really special and official. Lastly, I had a “baby chapter” session for EDU at 9:30. It was fun being with my pledge class and getting to know them a little better, we played the human pretzel game which was actually a lot of fun. But then the stress kicked in a little bit as we were told everything that we are expected to do. First of all, we have to wear our apple pin every day from 8am to 5pm. Then, every Wednesday we have to dress professionally and have two members sign off that we were properly dressed. We also need to get the signatures of the Exec board every week as well as interview 7 members each week. On top of that, we have to plan our own fundraising and service event and go to committee hours. This was all a little overwhelming, but it’s only seven weeks and there are a lot of fun things in between. I’m excited to begin!