Quality Alone Time

09.30.2011This weekend two of my roommates went home, and my other roommate is always busy with all of the organizations she is involved with on campus. Thus, I finally got some alone time! This is probably one of the rarest things in college (besides finishing homework before 10pm). Needless to say, I was pretty excited. At first, it’s always a little strange being by yourself in your dorm room, because you are so used to other people being around all the time. But, once you get used of it, again, it’s actually really nice. Of course, I decided to be lazy with my alone time and mostly watched Law and Order since there was a marathon on, and those marathons always get to me! But, I also was able to get ahead on some homework and spend some time with my thoughts. I think that it’s really important that everyone makes sure that they get a little alone time, because it helps to reconnect you with yourself. And, as silly as that sounds, it is often much needed.