Quality Bonding Time

04.01.2012Tonight, some of the people from my EDU pledge class and I got together to bake cookies. Even though this is such a simple thing to do, it was a lot of fun! But, I can also understand the expression, “too many cooks in the kitchen!” We got together at Garden apartments to bake and even though the kitchens are really nice, there is definitely not a lot of room for six or seven people...so we were a little crammed. But, we were finally able to work out a system: someone made the dough, someone rolled and cookie cut the dough, someone placed the cookies into the oven and removed them, a few people frosted the cookies, and then a couple people decorated the cookies. This system worked perfectly and was very efficient. I don’t even know how many cookies we made, but we prepared around four packages of the dough, so needless to say, we had a LOT of delicious sugar cookies! So, I was able to get to know some of the members of my pledge class a little bit better as well as enjoy munching on some wonderful dessert!