Quality Time

01.16.2012Today I spent some quality time with some family members, especially since I will be returning to school soon. First, my mom and I drove to one of our favorite pizza places, where you can get freshly baked pizza by the slice. It’s absolutely delicious and we always enjoy eating there. Then, we headed to my aunt’s house because my baby cousins were going to be there and I really wanted to see them before leaving for school. They are so adorable at this age! Now that they are talking I always like hearing their cute little voices and the certain words they decide to use in situations. They are also really cute because they play together nicely, but often become jealous of my aunt’s attention, which is funny to see them compete for it. After spending quite a while over there, we headed to my grandparent’s house, because I thought my grandma would like the movie “The Help.” So my grandma, my mom, and I all watched it together and talked for a while about things that us girls always do. After that, we went home and had a nice family dinner. There were a lot of happy faces and I had a wonderful, fun-filled day!