Road Trip!


My roommate had invited me over to her house in Cincinnati to go to a cookout with her and her boyfriend that her family was throwing. I had never been to her house before so I was really excited to spend some time with her family and see where she comes from.

First we went to see her house which is really cool because it’s old and holds a lot of history. Her great-great-grandpa actually built the house with his bare hands and it has been in their family ever since. Then, we headed over to her sister’s new house for the cookout.

It was a super rainy day, so the cookout was actually indoors. There was her mom, dad, sister, sister’s fiancé, brother, her grandma, my roommate, her boyfriend, and me. Plus two puppies which was lots of fun.

It was interesting to hear about her family’s stories and see the interactions between them. I was honored to be invited and to share in their family gathering.