Shopping Spree!


Today my brother and his friends came up for a shopping spree—on me. This wasn’t your typical shopping spree, as it wasn’t at a clothing store or anything. In fact, we didn’t even have to leave campus! The shopping spree was being paid for on my debit card.

One problem with the debit card for me, is that I don’t have time to eat breakfast or lunch in the dining hall, so a lot of my money goes unspent. This is when I call in the reinforcements (my brother and his friends). Since he has a kitchen at his school, he is always open to free food, and since they are guys they are always hungry.

So, today I bought them all lunch and then we went crazy with buying items in the Emporium. I absolutely love the Empo because they have a lot of things in bulk that you can buy. We spent around 300 dollars which is absolutely crazy! AND I still have a lot of money left that I will have to start spending carelessly.

I can’t wait until next year when I will have a kitchen of my own and no more meal plan! I really don’t like spending money on the things that I don’t need and next year I can eat much healthier. Thank goodness for my brother and his friends, otherwise I would have so much leftover cash. Plus, it was nice to see him and catch up since I haven’t seen him in a while.