Sitting in a Hot Spring

10.02.2011Today, I was sitting in a hot spring. Well...not really but almost! I decided to do something a little different and go to a meditation class which is new this school year. Meditation is said to help relax the mind and body and it can help you focus more on the important things in life. In addition, it helps to strengthen your immune system as well as reducing stress on your body. So, I figured why not give it a try, it is the week of midterms after all! This was my first meditation class, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. My friends and I found a nice spot on the floor and waited for class to begin. First, we warmed up with a few yoga moves and then we progressed into deep breathing exercises. I felt a little funny doing a few of these exercises because the way you have to breathe almost makes you laugh. But, the idea behind the forced deep breathing is that you are cleansing your spirit. After these exercises we laid on the floor with our eyes shut and we were told to imagine that we were sitting in a hot spring. This is a guided meditation so the instructor talked us through the whole hour. We were in a hot spring, and then we sunk to the bottom, floated back up to the top, walked through a forest, saw a deer, ran through the forest, and sat in the sunshine. It’s weird because if you are a visual person, you actually somewhat feel as if you are doing these activities. Then, we charged our chakras, which are different areas in the body that deal with different components in your life. For instance, there is a crown chakra, which is at the top of your head that helps you deal with emotions such as depression and selfishness. Then, there is one at your throat that helps with other emotions and letting go. In total, there are seven chakras and we recharged each one of them. After charging our chakras, we had to get rid of some of our thoughts that are stressors in our lives. For this, you would observe (not examine) each thought that came in your mind, then, when you exhaled you would imagine that the thought was exiting through your mouth and becoming a bubble floating away. It sounds kind of silly, but it actually really helped clear your mind. Finally, the last few minutes of class were reserved for private meditation. We lay on the floor with our eyes shut and the instructor came around and gave us temple massages with lavender oil, which really helped you relax. And then, class was over. They only have meditation classes once a month, on the first Sunday of every month, but I think that it should be more often. I feel like I am now prepared to take on this week and I am veerrryyy relaxed. As every meditation and yoga practice is closed...Namaste.