Soaked, Singing, and Scary Moments

04.01.2012Tonight, there was a FREE concert at McGinnis and the best part was that it was an actual known band...Hellogoodbye! Originally, it was going to be an outdoor concert at Art Street; however it was changed because of the weather. And man, they were right to change it! We stood outside McGinnis waiting to be let into the concert in the pouring rain. Seriously, we were soaked! I was literally ringing out my hair and my t-shirt. Naturally, none of us thought of bringing an umbrella because, of course, it wasn’t raining whenever we left. But, after about half an hour of standing in the rain, we were finally let inside of the building. The opening band was the Future Laureates who are based in Chicago. They were really interesting to watch and had a bluesy style. The one guy played the ukulele which added a different style to their music and was really cool to listen to. Then, Hellogoodbye came on and they were amazing performers! Often they would interrupt their songs in order to ask the audience questions and dance to get the audience involved in the performance. I even heard that afterwards they went out to the Ghetto and partied with the students! Definitely glad that I took advantage of this free concert, because it was fantastic and really fun—getting soaked was worth it! Afterwards we decided to get the movie 50/50. On the way there, my friend's brakes gave out, which was super scary but at least she was smart and remained calm and pulled into a parking spot. After switching cars, we were finally able to have a relaxing evening. Phew, what a night!