Stander Day Tradition!

05.01.2012First of all, last night was my roommate’s birthday, which worked out perfectly because we didn’t have school today, so we were able to have a celebration of Dairy Queen’s ice cream cake, exchange gifts, and hang out with our friends. Then, today is Stander Symposium day which is an “alternate day of learning.” Since I didn’t have to go to any presentations, it is basically a day of sleeping in and relaxing. Woo-Hoo! However, last year we went out to breakfast, so we decided to make this a tradition. Last year we went to Butter Cafe and this year we decided to switch it up and go to First Watch which is by the Dayton Mall. Both experiences have been delicious especially since we don’t get to eat breakfast foods very much throughout the week. It’s so nice going out to breakfast with friends and taking some time out of the week to discuss everything that has been going on. This will definitely be a tradition that we follow for the rest of our time at UD, hopefully a different breakfast place each year. And now, I am going to relax on this beautiful day!