For the past few months, my brother and I have been busy planning a surprise party for my parents who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year. So, this past weekend, I went home in order to co-host the event.

Let me tell you, it has been very difficult planning a surprise party while also trying to do homework, workout, and have a social life. I have been extremely busy! It was also tough because my brother and I had to plan everything through phone calls and emails, which made for a lack of communication at times.

We were planning for about twenty of our closest family and friends to show up and I never realized how much work this would require. What do we have to eat? How much food do we need to order? How do we keep everything warm? But, more importantly, how do we get my parents to leave the house so that we can prepare?

Friday night, my brother and I drove straight to my grandparents' house in order to drop off items for the party and prepare some food beforehand. Then, we went home and watched a movie with my parents.

On Saturday, we gave my parents their anniversary card which included a gift certificate for lunch and then two tickets to the movie "Here comes the boom." We told them that we would be sending them to lunch around 12:30 and then they were to go and watch the movie. Afterwards, around 4:30, we would be making them dinner.

While they were gone, I had to quickly rush over to my grandparents' house in order to finish frosting the cake and to pick everything up that we would need for the party. Meanwhile, my brother cleaned the entire house, which was extremely helpful. Then, we both decorated and I threw together some centerpieces and vases. We put the food in the oven and started cooking it while I was able to grab a quick shower and throw myself together. We had a span of only about 3 hours to do all of this and then the guests started to arrive.

We didn't want cars in the driveway, so my brother ran a "shuttle" service from the next street over to ours. Luckily, my family is very helpful and I had many people bringing appetizers, desserts, picking up our ordered food for us, and constantly asking if we needed anything else.

When my parents came in, they were shocked and very happy. We were so glad that everything turned out and we couldn't have asked for the party to have gone better! Thank goodness I won't have to do something like this for at least another 25 years!