Taken for Granted


After being home, I have realized that I take a lot for granted. Some are little things like the fact that I donÂ’t have to wear shoes in the shower and that I have a shower radio or that everything has its own place. Other things I take for granted are a couch to sit on, a meal being prepared especially for me, being waited on. I have also missed my radio stations, driving, seeing family members, and my dog. All of the little things in life that I havenÂ’t even realized that I miss.

But there are things at school that I also take for granted. For instance, I miss being able to talk to people at any hour of the day. Sometimes it feels a little lonely at home, because I am so used of walking next door or even just staying in my room—there is always someone to talk to. I have also taken for granted the fact that there is always something to do on campus—whether it is during the week or on the weekend.

Overall, it is bittersweet being home. I love seeing my family, old friends, and spending time with my dog. It is nice to be waited on and have homemade dinners. I love not having to wear shoes in the shower and being able to take a bubble bath. I like being able to listen to my music as loud as I want to. I have a couch to sit on while I watch TV and movies. I am able to watch TV while lying in my bed. I can drive my car. I am able to relax and I actually have the space to do so.

But, I miss school too. At school, I am always doing something. Always talking to someone. I miss my friends and the closeness that we have. I miss the life that I have created for myself. I think that’s one thing that college has definitely taught me—always appreciate what you have and enjoy the moment.