That's right, it's still roommate Thursday!

10.20.2010Even though everyone’s on fall break, since my roommate and I literally live 10 minutes away from each other, we decided to continue our “Roommate Thursday.” I decided to take her to where I work, which is a frozen custard place, because she had never been there before, and it’s absolutely amazing!

It was kind of strange driving there, considering that I had not driven for close to a month. But it felt nice to be back in my car with my radio on and all of my settings still in tact. It was a nice 20 minute drive to the custard shop, of course we were reciting our many “inside jokes” on the way there, and talking about what we were going to be doing over our break.

I have to say, the best thing about today was getting FREE ice cream! Who doesnÂ’t like free ice cream? Honestly. It was also really great to see people that I work with, and catch up with them on how the work life is going. The other best part: I brought back a quart of my favorite flavor to bring back to school with me...hopefully it fits in our freezer!