The Best Part about Returning to UD

10.26.2010Do you wanna know what the best thing about returning to UD is? You might guess the great friends youÂ’ve made and the fact that youÂ’ve missed them. Or the fact that itÂ’s your new home and you missed your schedule. But itÂ’s actually all of the delicious food you brought back with you from home! My fridge became a puzzle. I had to rearrange it so many times in order to fit everything I brought with me, into it. I brought back some bread, my momÂ’s homemade chicken noodle soup, noodles, leftover pizza, broccoli, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, celery, ranch dip, grapes, pepperoni bread, a quart of my favorite local ice cream, and whipped cream for my hot chocolate, and for straight up whipped cream!

Somehow, I managed to fit everything into the fridge, and it wasnÂ’t that big of a pain in the butt. Actually, everything kind of found its own spot and it all fit perfectly together. I was especially excited that the quart of ice cream fit into our mini freezer! I was definitely excited to have a taste of home packed tightly into my mini fridge. I would be eating good for the next week or so!