The First Snow Day


Last night, the weather forecast was calling for an ice storm that would be passing through Dayton. I woke up around 7:20 this morning and showered to get ready for class. However, once I was out of the bathroom, the cleaning lady had told me that classes donÂ’t start until noon today, due to the ice storm.

I was excited, but I didnÂ’t want to get too excited until I double checked with my email first. Naturally, she was right and I was able to crawl back into bed for a few hours. Around 11 oÂ’clock I checked my email again, just to see if my teachers had emailed me about the missed class time. When I checked again, there was an email saying that ALL classes would be canceled. WOO-HOO!

Snow days are awesome at college, because all of your friends are already here so you can pretty much hang out with anybody! Also, it is so pretty outside since we had an ice storm. Every single branch is outlined in ice and when the sun hits it the right way it is stunning. ThatÂ’s one of my favorite things about winter. Despite the fact that thereÂ’s no class, however, I am still going to try to be somewhat productive! We are supposed to get about 4 inches of snow along with ice after midnight tonight...maybe weÂ’ll even get lucky again tomorrow!