The First Snowfall


This morning I opened my blinds and it was snowing! The best part was that it was real snow. It wasn’t the wet, “It might be snowing” kind of thing, but big, snowflakes were falling down—the kind that stick to your hair and eyelashes. It was so pretty I actually didn’t mind walking to my 8am class. Also, it wasn’t all that cold, which was awesome because it was snowing, but I didn’t have to bundle up much at all. This could be because I’m used of Cleveland’s harsh winters and wind chills.<p>

That’s the other part of today that made me laugh—you can tell who the people are that aren’t used of snow or cold weather. I saw my one friend walking down the hill, and asked her if she liked her first snowfall (she’s from India). Her answer: It’s cold. She was sooo bundled up and she was still shivering. There were a lot of people like this. On the other hand, you could also tell who’s used of the snow. I would walk by people trying to catch the snowflakes on their tongues or the people who do little “snow dances.” It was so beautiful and I can't wait to see what UD's campus is going to look like all covered with snow. I don’t think there is a better day for a first real snowfall than on the first of December!