The Loudest Three Hours

12.01.2011Since I don’t have class on Monday, I did not get back on campus until about 12:30am. This is pretty late for me, and I couldn’t wait to go to sleep. Little did I know that once again, something would prevent that from happening. At 5:45am the fire alarm went off. Naturally I was a little out of it, but I did remember to put on some warmer clothes and my coat before going outside with the roommates. Not many people were outside and the RA that was in charge had eventually told us that the same thing had happened on Saturday and that it should take about 2 hours tops. I thought that 2 hours seemed a little long and it was kind of silly that we couldn’t go back inside whenever there wasn’t an actual fire. But we stood outside for a while. Did I mention that it was freezing and raining? It got to the point that we were so cold that we trekked up the hill to Stuart. Finally around 7 we were allowed back into the building, even though the fire alarm hadn’t turned off yet. I got to sleep for 45 more minutes until my alarm went off for my 9am class. I brushed my teeth to the fire alarm. I showered to the fire alarm. I got ready with the fire alarm. I sat and ate breakfast in my living room with the fire alarm reverberating off the walls. I had a headache with the fire alarm! Finally, as I was unlocking my door to leave, it turned off—at 8:50am. That’s 3 hours of constant fire alarm! I cannot even express to you how frustrating it was. These alarms need to get fixed!