The Price of Independence

10.14.2011It’s always a little difficult for me to go back to school, because I am extremely close to my family and have always been somewhat of a homebody. I left Cleveland to come back to UD this morning, because I clearly did not prioritize my time and had too many things to do to leave last night (good thing I don’t have Monday classes!) As I was trying to find a parking spot in the crammed S2 lot, I got to thinking that I kind of miss the fact that my parents don’t drop me off anymore. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love having my car on campus, especially since I can explore the Dayton area. But there were a few advantages to having my parents drive me off to school. Here are the pros and cons. 1. You don’t even have to look for a parking spot, because your parents can pull up to the back of the building to unload the car. 2. You have people to help you unload the car. When it’s your car, you are on your own. (I had at least three loads). 3. My mom always used to make my bed for me whenever I would get back to campus with clean sheets. 4. I would always get a free lunch after they drove me back. 5. With my car, I get to leave home whenever I want and can leave school right after class in order to go home. 6. When your parents drop you off, they get to see your room and help you to improve it. My parents don’t even really know everything that my roommates and I ended up doing with our room. I do have to say though, that all of these cons only help you to become a more independent person, it’s just a little hard to get used to.