The Spirit of Christmas


Now that IÂ’m getting older, IÂ’ve noticed that I have had different feelings towards Christmas this year. I wasnÂ’t filled with excitement like I used to be, but I was filled with warmth instead. On Christmas Eve my dadÂ’s side of the family always comes over which consists of my aunt, uncle, and two cousins. However this year it was just my two cousins and us. It was definitely different than usual, as we donÂ’t normally get together with just them. But now that everyoneÂ’s older the night was filled with conversation and everyone was caught up on one anotherÂ’s life. Actually, it was the latest they have ever stayed on Christmas Eve, and we had an enjoyable evening.

Christmas day was different as well. I actually had to be woken up in order to go downstairs and open my gifts. There weren’t many there, as you come to a point in age when you really don’t want or need much. And, in actuality, that’s not what Christmas is about. After exchanging presents we followed our tradition of singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus, with the cinnamon rolls my mom made. We have done this every year since I can remember, in order to remind us what Christmas is about, and to celebrate Jesus as well as showing our thanks.

At 2 oÂ’ clock, my momÂ’s side of the family comes over, which is quite large. Everyone is so grown up now, that there were not a lot of presents like there used to be, and the only pile of presents was for my cousinÂ’s new baby. A new generation. We all ate honey baked ham like we always get, and my great aunt made homemade stuffed cabbage which was delicious! It was a laid back evening and you could hear a lot of different conversations and laughter coming from everywhere. We played some games, gushed over the baby, and got to know more about each other. Everyone left smiling. ThatÂ’s what Christmas is about: being with family, learning more about each other and everyoneÂ’s lives, and being filled with warmth. I canÂ’t tell you one present that I had to open right away, but I can tell you about people that I wanted to see and talk to right away. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and have a happy New Years!