They Have Field Trips at College?!

10.20.2010I was so excited, because today in my early childhood art class, we got to go on a field trip! A lot of people are probably wondering what the big deal is, but I had not been on a field trip in 5 years, as my high school had cut our funding. This was why I was ecstatic about leaving campus for a bit and experiencing the world of field trips all over again. We went to the Dayton Art Institute in order to explore the exhibits for the children. It was really great to see that the museum is incorporating science and math activities that tie in with art, so that children can experiment and learn at the same time. My favorite piece of art that we viewed at the exhibit was called “Shimmering Madness” by Sandy Skoglund. It was my favorite, because it was made entirely out of jelly beans—which is awesome! In addition to the jelly beans, they had paper butterflies on the wall, and a timed fan would go off and blow the butterflies so that they would flutter! Very creative!

I was really glad that we were able to go to the Dayton Art Institute, even though we only had time to visit the ExperienCenter. I hope I will be able to find the time to go back there and visit all of the exhibits that the museum has to offer. Overall, I greatly enjoyed our mini field trip and like the fact that it relates to what IÂ’m currently learning in class, as well as providing me with some necessary art ideas for whenever I teach. I hope there are many more field trips to come!