This Couch is Soooo Comfy!

10.20.2010Last night, I visited my brother at the University of Cincinnati. He came over around 5, we grabbed some delicious dinner from the Art Street Cafe and then went from there. I think he misses having a meal plan, because he always asks if we can eat here before we go back to his apartment—he likes the free food.

When we got to his apartment, I was attacked by his adorable dog. I really love her, and itÂ’s nice to have a dog around and normal things that remind you of home life. It was really nice to see my brother and hang out. We just talked, played video games (IÂ’ve missed X-Box games so much!), and watched a movie. ItÂ’s funny because the couch felt SOOO comfortable!! I havenÂ’t sat on a couch in forever! I always have to watch movies in my chair, and its funny how you donÂ’t realize how much you take a comfortable couch for granted!