Through the Wind Tunnel

10.04.2011It seems there’s a wind tunnel on campus, and it happens to be right in my hallway! If you’ve read my previous blog about the craziness that went down on Friday night, then you’ll know that we have had a minor problem with water. Because of this issue, there have been a series of fans placed in our hallway that are on all the time. One thing that’s nice about this is the fact that the hall is nice and cool, especially in this weather that has become pretty warm once again. However, it tends to be a little noisy and when you walk to class, it’s like walking through a wind tunnel. I actually find it a little amusing at how much of a breeze you get while walking through the hall. By the time I reach the door for the stairs, my hair is all messed up and windblown and forget about walking while holding any papers. But, at least it’s working to dry everything out. So, if you happen to be walking through second floor of VWK, watch out for the wind tunnel!